About our lighthouse

Separation, barbed wire fences and concrete walls, divide the inhabitants of the Gaza region. The voices of the heart and human discourse have been replaced by the language of violence, gunfire and horror.
We who live in this region and grow our children here are not willing to accept this reality as “the divine order of things”. The raising of physical and mental barriers and deepening disparity among all inhabitants of the Gaza region serve foreign interests based on fear and mistrust.
Like all neighbors who wish to share a common space – we are obliged to explore the paths towards a life of dignity and mutuality, seeing the other and recognizing their right to freedom.
This is our home. We love it, we are attached to its landscapes, and see ourselves as a link in the rich chain of its culture.
The Migdalor/Lighthouse for Gaza Awareness in its present form was founded by Rami Haruvi in early 2018, inspired by the phrase “hope may be steered towards a source of light”.