Lighthouse 106 (Zoom) – March 27, 2020

Ghadir: When we speak of solidarity, it’s not just people in the neighborhood or community, or solidarity with large states in the world. There is one very small place inhabited by 2 million people, our neighbors in the Gaza Strip, the largest prison in the world.
These days we are mostly busy with ourselves, our families, a few of us with their work, and many people and organizations contributing to the community and volunteering in various ways, but the political situation too is ominous.
We may have forgotten what is going on in Gaza, in the West Bank and in East Jerusalem, but we in Migdalor and in “Another Voice” have not forgotten. We are, after all, neighbors, often sharing similar experiences. Because gatherings are no longer allowed, and we cannot come to the “lighthouse” (Migdalor), last week we began to hold virtual circles through Zoom. In our Zoom talk today about 7 friends from Gaza joined us, as well as Hanin from Portugal and Marwan from Cyprus. There is much light and hope on this day, in spite of the difficult situation and politics.
And here is Rami Haruvi who has come especially to Migdalor to speak with us from there and not abandon it even in these dark days.
Roni: Ironically, it is the youngsters of Gaza who have now given us some optimism, hope. The conversation began with despair, hopelessness, sadness over the place where we are now both politically and socially. Over our inability to generate real change. It’s not enough to identify with our neighbors, not enough that we regard people as people regardless of religion, race or gender. It’s not enough for us to hold out our hand to them. We must do something so that this message gets across and echoes. Otherwise nothing will change. Said by a member of our circle.
Then the young people from Gaza joined, and changed the atmosphere, I think. Perhaps it’s this Corona virus that placed them where the whole world is now. The connection, their smile and laughter changed the atmosphere in our circle and I thank them for this. Thank you Rami and Manar, Alaa, Ahmad and Mohammad, Marwan and Hanin. And thanks to everyone who joined us, whom we heard and who heard us. Let us hope for the best and do things to make it happen. Stay healthy, big hug to all.
Present: Roni, Ghadir, Oded, Shmulik, Rami, Rami, Manar, Mohammad, Alaa, Ahmad, Marwan, Hanin, Leora, Rosie, Rotem, Noga, Mary, Mahara, Mark, Vivian, Julia, Or, Shani, Rachel, Avi, Malki, Uzi, Shelly, Smadar, Yael, Judy, Ariella, Nahshi, and another 3-4 friends from Gaza who did not speak and whose names were missed.