Lighthouse 92, December 20, 2019

The circle today was surprising, interesting, videotaped and recorded. No doubt we’re nearing a well-attended and carpeted Oscars ceremony…
Two events of late were an active part of the circle this time: a film by Osa called “Other Voices” projected the evening before at Kibbutz Kisufim, and a well-attended conference of “Ro’im Ofeq” (Heb.: horizon in sight) held at the Eshkol Hall earlier this week.
Besides circle members Nahshi, Shmulik, Oded, Radir, Hanan, and Hayuta, Malki and Uzi also brought Bella with them from Gvulot. There were exciting, interesting guests: Noga brought Shaul with her – she from Tel Aviv, he from Ramat Gan. Shaul presented a position according to which he proposes to live in ‘fraternity’ with our enemy. This is how we shall learn to respect our differences.
Adir from Sapir and Qtura spoke beautifully about his wish as a child to go to Jordan, and the power of innocence which is the ultimate partner of hope.
Mari came from Beit Elazari and treated us to great Beeri cheeses.
Murad and Wahib from Rahat came to look in on us for a few moments.
We were also empowered by Awad who came with Radir, Yossi and his son Uri who passed by and expressed their empathy and sympathy, Bella charmed us with her open-heartedness and different personal story, and towards the end we eagerly wited for Osa, the film director, and Vivian from Beeri who brought Osa to us. Osa told us about the film and his wish to see people from both sides.
Radir connected us by phone with Rami who remained in Jordan, for Israel does not allow him to return to the country in spite of having a permit to move inside it unhampered. He was supposed to be with us today. What a pity.
Hayuta facilitated and enjoyed the occasion.