Lighthouse 94, January 3, 2020

Shabat Shalom, friends. This episode is named The Gevald operation – Yiddish for “help!”
So this is what happened: from last night cries for help began pouring in about most of the senior and consistent Lighthouse Circle members. A call went out to save Shmulik from holding it on his own. Then began the moving reactions – first from Jaber who said he’d stop the bus and arrive, through Hayuta who got up from her sickbed to save her brother and try to make him like her…
And then we all came! The rainy, wintry north prevented Oded from making an uncle visit, and Rami came in spite of his declared hesitation.
After checking out the mood – whether westerly, northerly or central, we decided to place ourselves on the side of our endless structure. The circle opened this time with a seemingly marginal topic – language. Various thoughts were expressed about communication, deliberation of reaching understanding without a common language, the notion of “levant” was raised with its current meanings, Hanan spoke of a virtual language, “melting pot” and its meaning was examined. Rami compared it to geological tectonics.
In short, reaching far but with actual implications about communicating with Gaza.
Who sat in the circle and heard Oded’s cry for help to protect Shmulik? Shmulik, Rami, Oded, Jaber, Hanan, Noga, Shaul, Uzi and Malki, Mary, and two boys picked on the way from a community near Rahat, who were a bit self-conscious, photographer Shani who brought Humus and flatbread straight from Sderot, and Or, and Or and Naor of the film crew.
We concluded with two poems out of “Morning Always Comes” by Shivata Toyo.
See you on our next rescue project… And dress warm – it gets really cold after 3 p.m.