Lighthouse 97 – January 24, 2020

One could way “it was raining” or “it was cold”, or “nobody’d show up”. One could say “fanatics!”, or “if you get sick, take of yourself on your own” (my woman), and other great reasons why not to hold the “circle” today.
If we say all of it, it would all be true. For this mission, we needed a practical idiot.
There were four practical idiots: Rami, Roni, Shmulik and myself (average age – 70…)
Actually we were nine: the four of us were joined by Naor, Shani, Or and his girlfriend Naomi, and another Or without his girlfriend (average age – 25…).
First we tried to block out cold, rainy nature by tying a tarpaulin up at the entrance to our structure, but finally decided to sit inside the relatively closed room on the west side of the structure.
Rami, prepared in advance, lit a small campfire and we all crowded around it.
The young focused on their assignment: a documentary film project for their second-year film studies at Sapir College. Shani filmed, Or recorded, and the other Or signaled filming directions and wiped the tears caused by the campfire’s smoke. Naor was our reserves force and Naomi studies law in Jerusalem. The circle began with jokes and mutual teasing between myself and Rami, and we when we got bored we proceeded to the acquaintance circle, especially in honor of Naomi for whom this was a first time.
Rami was also responsible for coffee and tea. He repeated the religious blessing over the refreshment which he had learned at home, tore apart the hala that Shmulik brought, baked by Tomer the baker of Nir Yitzchak.
We of the ‘average age – 70’ then had a long discussion about activity during the “Red South” Festival. At some point Rami asked the youngsters for their opinion on the matter. Apparently we’re not the only wise ones… They spoke well, had their own output and gave our ideas their feedback.
Just before dispersing Rami read us things he wrote in the morning before heading out to the Lighthouse. He wrote his answer to the message he received from the founders of “The New Guard”, about helping their activity/. True, his answer was not related to Gaza which is the ground of our activity, but perhaps indirectly – through his criticism of the exclusivist Judeo-Israeli attitude they reflect which might clarify the Israeli view of Gaza.
His writing was thought-provoking and well formulated (I suggested he send it to Haaretz newspaper, and he responded with a giggled shrug…). They should be read. I believe his words echo our world view.
Then we dispersed, entered our heated cars and drove to our heated homes. We left Gaza out there…