Encounter no. 115 -May 29, 2020

Today – no Zoom. On the one hand it “releases” the circle for there is no need to speak in a way that would make the audio-visual technology feasible. On the other hand, through Zoom other participants are included in the circle to partners that would not likely participate normally. The question, then, is how to enlarge our circle even if for various reasons there are no random travelers passing by, and people are still confused about going out and getting together with others. To be considered… I think that half an hour of Zoom, in spite of the complications, is quite valuable.
Another question raised every time for weeks now, is “What do we know?” about our participants who have been suffering because of their courage and can no longer voice their brave messages. We miss them, as well as information about their fate.
Moshe, born in Argentina, tells us about a group he counseled there who were arrested by the generals’ junta in the country in the mid-1970s. He already lived in Israel at the time and, with several of his friends, made various attempts to free the group, in spite of messages “suggesting” non-interference. This is indeed a difficult situation in which one hardly knows whether interference and outside pressure would be effective, if action should be covert so as not to “provoke”.
The subject for our circle today was suggested by Rami – “land”. Since not enough time was left for such a broad issue, we proposed to continue next time, June 5.
From the little that was said it appears that “land” represents many contexts – farming, political, emotional, philosophical, historical etc. It might express a spectrum of feelings by various people depending on the context in which they encounter reality, and naturally, as we all know and experience, create bloody confrontations and conflict. So we shall continue discussing it in our next meeting. Prepare your arguments!
That’s it, the time is past 4 p.m., the Muslims have terminated their Ramadan fast followed by three days of the Id al Fitr holiday, and we have a Shavuot (Jewish holiday) ceremony two hours from now… Holiday greetings for all the inhabitants of this earth.
Participants today: Nahshi, Roni, Shmulik, Ghadir, Rami, Oded, Jaber, Hanan, Moshe, Shelly, Nomika, Eric, Mary, Sarale
Written by Oded