encounter no. 117 – June 12, 2020

In the shade of the pine tree on top of the hill, in the open air – we met: Roni, Rami, Shmulik Nomika and Hayuta.
After our opening words about who, what and when, Roni brought Rami’s question; to what extent do the recent encounters touch upon Gaza and focus on it.
Shmulik thought that everything is political, and the fact that these encounters dealt with subjects decided on ahead of time such as refugee-dom or land created interesting meetings that refreshed people’s perspectives.
We decided that on Sunday the ‘syndicate’ would meet and decide its take on the matter.
This week’s recommendation is to read David Grossman’s essay, “We are all a sticky human brocade” and listening to Ahinoam Nini’s song based on this essay, called “Signs of Innocence”. Let it be…
Wrote: Hayuta