Encounter 131 – September 18, 2020

Shortly before the lockdown, we got together – Roni, Rami, Hanan, Malki, Uzi and Nahshi – to wish each other a better new year and keep the candle of hope alight, the hope of ending conflicts and oppression.
There were the traditional apple and honey, as well as wine, honey cake, bread and coffee.
After exchanging opinions about Corona in our parts as well as in Gaza, Hanan told us how the New Year is celebrated in his own kibbutz – Tamuz in the town of Beit Shemesh, and about life in general in a kibbutz that is “one-generational and one-time”.
Roni updated us about our friends across the fence, and told us about the two encouraging Zoom talks on the part of the Gisha organization, with Gazans taking part who showed initiative and are pushing projects for society and economy.
Rami told us he managed to donate to the “We are not numbers” group and even received a confirmation and thanks from the Gazans themselves.
We parted with Uzi’s New Year greeting: let it be a medium year – better than the one ending now, and less of the better one that will follow.
Happy New Year…