Encounter 147 – January 8, 2021

All we wanted was to keep the lighthouse lit, make sure that anyone who needs it would not lose hope, even when it’s dark and closed all around.
When we got there, Shmulik and I, at the usual time – Rami’s firetruck was already there in the car-park and we got a thorough explanation of this magnificent ‘ship of the desert’ along with Doron, Sharon and their children, while sipping coffee and being updated on the news in times of closure.
The Golani Infantry battalion commander in charge of the area arrived. His wife and children came to visit him here because he has not been able to leave here for 3 weeks already. Rami takes the commander and his family for a round and explanation about the site and about us.
We do the same thing with the command-team soldiers – of the different Israeli locations of Holon, Beit Shean and Karmiel – who manage to agree that “it used to be happy here before we got here” and could be that way again.
After the military unit proceeds with its mission, Rami and Shmulik reminisce about their common neighborhood in Giv’atayim, and apparently Shmulik’s brith (circumcision ceremony) was held at the Aldema house opposite the Haruuvis…
Some more stories about Tzippora’s collective grocery, and then it’s time to say goodbye… Until next week.
We were Rami, Shmulik and Nahshi
Wrote – Nahchsi