Encounter 158 – March 26, 2021

Today we spoke about consciousness. It was fascinating. We agreed about certain things, not about others. Personally, I went home with many thoughts about who shapes our consciousness, and the link between knowledge and awareness. Are parents considered consciousness shapers? Teachers? Religious and political leaders are also influential. How then, and if not, how is awareness shaped? Does it change with time? What is the effect of knowledge, awareness, the lack thereof, or personal experience on the shaping of consciousness?
I spoke with Rami, our Gazan friend. He asked where his chair was, and indeed he had a chair saved for him, next to mine. I showed it to him on screen. Rami told us how important it was for him that we all go out and vote, also because of himself and because of other Gazans.
He asked that we demand of the elected government to choose another path, not everything is war. He asked that we help acquire the possibility for patients to get to treatment in Israel. Rami had watched the direct broadcast I had from Rahat (Bedouin community inside Israel) in which I encouraged people to go out and vote two hours before the elections. Among other things, I also spoke for the Palestinian residents of Gaza and the West Bank.
Today people came to our circle who had not been there for quite a while, and I felt this was in order to get charged with energy and a bit of hope after finding out the election results. Perhaps it was subconscious. At least it was in my own case.
The weather was amazing, visibility clear, so Gaza could be photographed very lucidly from the closest site possible.
Rami from Beeri tried to arrange his own throne-like seat but didn’t manage. Truth is he gave up too quickly and put the chair to the side along with the tool kit.
At some point it rained and we moved to a more sheltered spot.
A young woman joined us who had been grazing her family herd along with her sister. We invited them to have tea with us and she was glad to do so. She came to get it which was nice of her, told us where she was from and a bit about herself, and we introduced ourselves.
As usual, amazing Nahshi made the most delicious tea and coffee in addition to his own home-baked bread and tasty dips prepared by various friends.
Have a great weekend, and happy holiday to everyone celebrating the Jewish Passover.
Participants: Moshe,Jaber, Shmulik, Rami, Nahshi, Oded, Mari, Mark, Roni, Brian, Ghadeer.
Wrote: Ghadeer