Encounter 179 – 20.8.2021

The sheep congregated in groups in the shade of the few eucalyptus trees between which are sunny areas.

We are in the shade of the pines in our own circle… Hayuta, Shmulik, Nahshi and I arrived a little late (yes, we are trying to pinpoint the time 13:00…) after stopping on the way next to a fig tree laden with fruit.

Soon Rami also arrived and later Malki and Hanan. The first to retire were the sheep who in typical silence disappeared at some point in the circle and forgot to take with them the old “Ford” tractor and the water tank attached to it (in general, the idea of walking around with a sweater in this heat can confuse anyone).

In the circle in the shadow of the pines we continued to bring up topics on the agenda and teach ourselves a little more.
Hayuta, as her blessed custom, read a poem she chose to bring to the circle.
We also learned that Ramy really understands (also) tourism and hotels buisness and explained to us his doctrine on the subject.
From Hanan we learned that the urban kibbutz in which he lives in is a one-time creation with an expiration date…

On the subject of Gaza, (for which we convened…), I brought Ronit Marzen‘s article “The Guggenheim Museum between Gaza and it’s Envelope” (Haaretz, 8/18/21): In the article, Ronit raised and justified the idea of ​​building an art museum at the “seam” between Gaza and Israel. She says in the article that the Guggenheim Museum in the city of Bilbao, the capital of the Basque Country in Spain, has contributed greatly to calming the spirits in the conflict between the Spanish government and the Basques. Here is a quote from the article, “The time has come to look for a solution in the cultural space that allows soft power to be used where the hard military power has failed.” It seems to me that this is what we do, no?
We also talked about Rami’s request to participate in donations to the bags project for students in Gaza. A project he is leading with his fellow members of the organization. The project is in progress and you can still join and contribute.
That is, in moments like this when no one is traveling in the area, it is important that we’ll be strong between one and four every Friday…

We were: Shmulik, Nahshi, Hayuta, Rami, Oded, Malki, Hanan.

Wrote: Oded.