Encounter 182 – 10.9.2021

Between holiday and Saturday, feel like summer is over, there is a pleasant breeze and good air. Only Gaza is still closed and we are here to mention.
“We” is Gadir, Jaber, Bella, Malki, Uzi, Oded, Mark, Shmulik and Nahshi.
Oded and Uzi spoke about experiences of transporting patients to and from Gaza as part of “The Road to Recovery.”
We talked about the escape of the prisoners from Gilboa Prison and the riots it ignited.
We went back in history to the Middle East before the political partition and were updated on the situation of the Bedouin in the unrecognized villages.
Gadir read posts that influenced her this week and we heard about a meeting from yesterday in which an Israeli woman (Ruby Damlin) and a Palestinian (Bassam Aramin) from the Bereaved Families Forum spoke about the ability to forgive and the exciting personal path each went through.
Coffee, snacks, best wishes and that’s it – hope next week there will be more autumn and more peace.
Happy New Year!
Wrote: Nahshi