Encounter 184 – 24.9.2021

When I got out of the car, a few minutes before 1:00 PM, a drizzle of rain began in “our” pine grove.
I told myself it was a sign from heaven or from Mary and moved to the lower level to settle inside the building.
Inside were some cyclists hiding from the rain and refusing to drink coffee.
Ramy arrived, and there were three of the riders left interested in a story and coffee, until the bike rental time ran out.
They are from Sderot and its surroundings and after hearing a little about us and the greatness of Gaza, they managed to tell briefly about “their” Gaza: everyone in hes unique style sees it as a dangerous and threatening place, most of them agree that there are good and bad ones there as well.
These were pedaled on their way and Hanan is already coming, followed by Bella and Malki.
We talked about the “Iron Dome” – does the protection it gives us promote peace (fewer casualties and fewer reasons to react aggressively) or vice versa? (Helps to perpetuate the concept of “conflict management”).
Then the conversation spread to other districts and it was interesting and important, but I had to leave early, so…
See you next week!
We were: Rami, 3 riders from Sderot, Hanan, Bella, Malki and Nahshi.
Wrote: Nahshi.