Encounter 188 – 22.10.2021

Until Roni arrived, we talked about events from the last week: about harvesting olives with farmers in the West Bank, about meetings of the personal kind and more …
“We talked,” referring to Shmulik, Nahshi and I, who are in charge of the infrastructure and we were gradually joined by Talila and Hanan.
When Roni arrived, our building was raised to the top of the lighthouse and illuminated Gaza. Roni, who is linked to men and Women in Gaza, told about videos that are sent to her in which girls and boys are excited to receive a new school bags!
Roni went on to talk about a slight shift in the operation of a new hospital that was built and has not yet started operating, About her concern every time he liaises with a friend in Gaza and the relief of his renewal, and a little about the mood of her friends within the routine of life in Gaza.
Hanan told about an online confrontation with one reporter in the Haaretz newspaper about the boundaries of discourse within “challenged religion and nationality” communities (my definition A.B.), what is not talked about because it is a kind of taboo, and why they explain to us what is right and wrong to say. “
From here to the end of our meeting, the discussion on the subject of the “taboo” revolved around. The dangers and prohibitions of bringing certain issues to the community discourse and also the courage to confront these issues that are sometimes the size of an elephant in the room …
For a brief moment, a guy and a girl sat with us, from Moshav Kadima, I think, but the third guy who was with them, insisted that they come and help him with something and they left before …
We were: Shmulik, Nahshi, Talila, Hanan, Roni, Oded.
Wrote: Oded