Encounter 192 – 19.11.2021

The beginning of the circle was really familial: Shmulik and Hayuta. We celebrated Mulik’s birthday.
Pretty soon Mark arrived, followed by Mary the Winter Woman and last came Hanan with the two chairs.
Shmulik spoke with enthusiasm and great satisfaction about an operation with a family with whom he has a regular relationship. Nahshi, Limor and Shmulik crossed the checkpoint and transferred their children and mother to the beach in Ashdod. Shmulik described their joy and happiness that made him happy himself. According to Smulik’s opinion is this type of activity that preferred over frustrating sitting on Fridays.
Towards three o’clock, three boys arrived – Tal, Ofek and Yogev – an 11th grade students in the area. We all told them our words and they expressed their position as future recruits. They expressed a desire for peace and hesitations about a possible peace.
Suddenly we heard countless explosions …
Hayuta showed a beautiful presentation “What is love“.
In short towards the end it was interesting and meaningful.
We were: Shmulik, Mark, Hanan, Mary, Tal, Ofek, Yogev and Hayuta.
Wrote: Hayuta.