Encounter 195 – 10.12.2021

We sat for the 195th time (yes, we are celebrating the 200th meeting soon) Roni, Mary, Moshe, Limor and Nahshi and agreed that two things would make the meeting perfect: a conversation with a friend from Gaza and another visit from the guys from Mabo’im.
And so – both things happened!
Our Gazan friend looked and sounded good, promised that the call for listening and mutual acquaintance would continue despite the difficulties. He said that in the coming week he would try to bring us together with a group of friends.
Shortly after we said goodbye to him, Yogev and Ofek joined.
From the conversation about “What is Gaza for me?” it is worth quoting an excerpt from what Ofek said: Suppose I enter my room, that I love it and I like it, but then I am informed that it is forbidden to leave the room any more. I’ll break my head on the door and walls until I can get out! And every moment inside the room will look like a nightmare to me… This is how I believe the people of Gaza feel.
I’ll say no more…
We were: Roni, Mary, Moshe, Limor, Yogev, Ofek and Nahshi.
Wrote: Nahshi