Encounter 203 (special) – 30.1.2022

The sharp-eyed and quick-thinking will surely notice that the above date represents the Sunday of the week and not Friday … and no mistake on their part.
Today (Ofek, Nahshi, Shmulik and I) came to host the Nachshon preparatory program at our lighthouse. About fifty students from the preparatory, most of them boys.
Sitting in a circle, coffee was served and Shmulik opened with a historical overview of the Gaza area, from our ancestor Abraham to the present day, for the Ottomans, English, Arabs, Jews and Gaza.
I followed it up with an explanation of the “lighthouse” as an idea that connects people regardless of religion, nationality and gender, in any language and anywhere on the globe (well, only those in the globe who have heard of us).
Then we toured the sulfur plant, described to them the history of the structure and noted signs in the structure that indicate how it was operated.
We went back to the parking lot and there I told except that they had the patience (or were polite enough) to listen, about the military camp houses, I pointed to the signs left in the center of the plaza (the big V in which the letters R.A.F appear)
In conclusion, we “exposed” the signs that indicate the location of the tennis court, where the British soldiers used to dispel their boredom until the Germans arrived …
This is the time for the preparatory guys and they were called to get on the bus. end.