Encounter 205 – 11.2.2022

One Minibus and three buses arrived at the sulfur plant during our “shift.”
Most of them went down, heard an explanation from the guide, made a round in the beautiful bloom and continued on their way.
Only the passengers of the Minibus sat down to hear about us and Gaza. It was towards the end of the meeting. They came with the guide Jack, who had visited us some times.
Hanan told them about the situation in Gaza and the lighthouse and our connection with those across the fence. Members of the group, from different parts of the country, listened to the matter, expressed support and enthusiasm and asked questions about life near Gaza and our opinion regarding the resolution of the situation. Only one cynical remark was recorded.
Before of them came several traveling couples, some of whom sat and participated in the conversation and some of whom “received the service while standing.”
In one case, after a round of acquaintances, a couple of guests said they were very connected to what they had heard, but “there is no chance that our soldiers will join.” The soldiers are their children who stayed upstairs and flew a drone. As it passed over us we felt for a moment like the friends from Gaza.
Ofek later introduced himself as “director of the Negev’s youth committees” and received applause.
We talked about leaders being dragged to extremism contrary to the interest of the people, apartheid, suffering in the Gasa Strip and the great days of our area that were and will be.
We were this time: Roni, Ofek, Mary, Mark, Hitam, Jaber, Bella, Malki, Hanan, Uri, Moshe, Nahshi and, as mentioned, countless other guests who all have names and opinions about the situation.
Wrote: Nahshi