Encounter 208 – 4.3.2022

It may be possible to detect an increasing trend of spreading the gospel of the lighthouse and the consciousness. Because even today and for several weeks now, arriving at the meeting at the lighthouse is like a rising spring.
This time, the pioneers holding Ofek and I lined up at the lighthouse.
At the same time, words and voices were said at a conference of “Bringing Peace Back to the Discourse” that took place in the community of Ibim – where Oded and Jaber spoke about our Lighthouse. Here is a link to a selection of excerpts from the conference.
So we prepared the circle and the table
And we waited…
And we waited…
And we called to passers-by who passed us pedaling and wandering,
Finally some came and wanted to stay with us for a while – 3 pedal families from the north to whom Ofek explained our essence and even guided them on the hidden attractions – for example a well 51 meters deep!
Itzik from Usha was more deeply interested, and when the rest flocked to peek at the well, he stayed to ask questions. On the value of caring for others in particular. He said, Quoted: “My world is as narrow as an ant’s world” His acquaintance with Gaza is from the 1970’s and from the aspect of the reserve service there only. After they left, Itzik from Be’eri and two from Nir Akiva arrived. Itzik said he heard stories from people from Be’eri who were in Gaza and were in daily friendships with the Gazans. To him it sounded like a fantasy. They – the Gazans under a regime that does them harm. Shani said that as a child she had a Gaza escort who would accompany her to kindergarten and school.
Then Ramy appeared in a storm in his white car as a knight’s horse, with reinforcements of ashes, kettles, and spoons that helped withstand the onslaught of the influx that followed.
Noa Galili from “Gisha”, Roni, Malki, and also Limor, Dina and Hanan joined in with reinforcements for the rapprochement. Close up starred a marvelous dish in his taste made by Hanan to boast, leaves to enrich the tea brought by Dina and more.
With his familiar skill, Rami created the framework of the discourse (here is a link to his words) which therefore allowed Noa Galili to represent the Gisha organization. Here is a link to her words.
Thanks to Rami’s experienced skill, it was possible to “stream” the many groups of participants in order to make room for those who came after, and in order for the Gaza consciousness to form and permeate comfortably.
Of course, under the constraint of multiple participants and their stressful schedules, a discontinuous cycle of “tasting” of opinions was created and not everyone could be heard.
So the experienced team worked together to advance the issue: Hanan opened circles and told the story of the lighthouse group, Rami added and then led on to an illustrated tutorial about the lighthouse and Roni presented the groups with the stories and her work as an example of possible action.
Limor constantly flowed the glasses she cleaned in Sisyphean cycles and Dina willingly assisted like a skilled waitress and directed the requests for coffee, tea or both.
Then finally we were joined by Oded, Moshe and Nahshi who returned from the arena of an enemy conference and recounted experiences.
We finished late because it was so pleasant together that we did not feel like going.
We were: dozens of visitors, including Itamar, Itzik and their families from the north, Itzik from Be’eri, Shani from Nir Akiva, the Ofek group: Omer, Yogev, and Oran. Roni, Rami, Nahshi, Hanan, Limor, Malki, Anat, Uzi, Moshe, Rami’s sister,
Registered in collaboration with Ofek, Mary.