Encounter 210 – 18.3.2022

In the beginning, the country was in chaos, after last week the braces of the table disappeared, today the legs are also missing and a few more chairs have disappeared.
But the wind of the lighthouse hovers over the surface of the site, and there is light. And Nahshi said, Let there be coffee, and he will distinguish between coffee and tea. And Shmulik saw that it was good and blessed a pretzel.
And then Ofek shall grow, a righteous man from Mabu’ym, and with him a stringed instrument, and this is the psalm (lyrics by Shmulik, melody of Ofek):
“In front of the wall of the west wall
Facing the holy ark
Standing a child carrying his eyes
And will not know the secrets of the wall… “
And while the melody and the coffee (first round) Roni appeared with pastries.
Meeting 210 of the lighthouse set a world record, not in the number of hikers who visited the place, but in the number of times the “circle” was opened:
With a group of students from Ben Gurion University,
And a kind couple from Hod Hasharon,
And families of Yoshivya,
And between rounds, between tea and coffee, Ofek (who will celebrate 18 this week) informed us about his placement in the IDF, and promised to continue with us every Friday and bring the lighthouse massege to the consciousness of many young people.
Ah! There was another exciting moment: Roni’s phone rang and we expected the sound of the brothers across the fence, but the British did not install an antenna in the sulfur factory and we did not hear a word…
And for anyone who cares about keeping the lighthouse doctrine: We managed to get home just in time for Shabbat. Next week will be easier because of the Daylight saving time.
Blessing of Ramadan Karim, in the hope of peace and brotherhood in the Gaza Strip, Ukraine, and all over the world.
We were this time: Roni, Ofek, Shmulik, Nahshi, Moshe and hikers as above.
Wrote: Moshe.
Fill in the blanks: Nahshi, who also managed to photograph, make coffee and improvise a table.