Encounter 228 – 22.7.2022

Summer, fewer participants, more sabra fruits for each participant.
We also wanted to bring figs. not yet ripe. A matter of two weeks and the figs will also be hosted in the circle.
In the meantime there are three of us: Shmulik, Moshe and me.
Shmulik says Jaber has been gone for a long time, just stating a fact.
We talk about the affairs of the day, what was written in the newspaper, said on the radio, shared on the networks, seen on television, read in a book.
Jaber is coming.
Ronnie and Vivian too.
Jaber heving difficulties with the course of tour guides in which he participates. Bedouin-Arab-Israeli, you have to memorize and study in a course of guidance that was designed by Zionist Jews/Israelis. He doubts whether he will pass the certification tests.
Vivian places the emergence of a new party at the center of the discussion. At this point the party exists only on WhatsApp. Its initiatives are being tested for scope and feasibility. Roni says she immediately left the noisy WhatsApp group and moved to the quiet group. Moshe and Jaber are (still) not connected and Shmulik is making coffee and he doesn’t have “this device” either. Vivian and I are in the louder group.
I claim that in my opinion such a political party had to arise. There are many civil society groups with similar ideas and they should be united into political power.
Vivian is afraid that this will harm the existing parties and that the left will once again split into pieces.
Shmulik and Moshe say that even on the right there are quarrels.
Shmulik also says that dealing only with the issue of Arab-Jews will not promote a political group.
I also added that I read somewhere that when there are violent conflicts on an ethnic basis, everyone comes together on their ethnic side even if they think the arguments of the opposing ethnic side are right .
Shmulik dismisses “nonsense” and says he supports universal justice.
This is how the discussion continues, sometimes we listen, sometimes we divide and sometimes we unwittingly divide into smaller discussion groups (the large group that contains all of us is 6). This is what a gathering of well-wishers looks like.
Meanwhile, Rami is resting at home and sees in the WhatsApp picture of the invitation that there are sabra fruits on the table. This is his favorite fruit, he texts.
We spent the end of the meeting together with a box of sabra fruits at his house in Be’eri. There for the first time, in today’s circle, the name “Gaza” came up when Rami said “Hello, what is Gaza to you”?
We laughed, we sat, we drank cold water (to remove the coffee’s bitterness) and Rami gave a detailed account of his illness, its rise and fall.
This time we were: Roni, Vivian, Jaber, Moshe, Shmulik, Oded, Rami.
Written by: Oded