Encounter 230 – 5.8.2022

After we dispersed, on the way home on the blocked roads, the familiar message was received about the IDF attacking Gaza. And once again we are in a painful and bloody cycle, in the end we will return to the point from which we started.
So how did we start anyway?
The roads to the sulfur plant are blocked due to threats of gunfire, so we positioned ourselves at the entrance to Be’eri.
Instead of the pine trees, we found a strawberry tree, with the same Gazan wind and a view of the strip from a slightly different angle.
We exchanged experiences on three days of movement restrictions, said goodbye to the citizen Ofek before he enlists in the army and wished him meaningful service in peacetime. So we wished.
Hayuta brought Erez Biton’s book “Seams” and read two poems. There could not be a more accurate choice for a conversation about blindness and wisdom, humanity and cleverness.
Mehran came with his son and we also talked about the situation of the Gazan workers who have already entered and those who are waiting for approval, about the Gazan economy and the employees’ contribution to renewing the personal relationship between the residents of our area.
We tried to talk to our friend from Gaza, without success. Later we received a greeting from him through Gadir.
And so, even though we sat with a qween (Malki) and King (Malik) – we reached the dispersion and the familiar announcement – the continuation of which we can all already sadly imagine.
This time we were: Hayuta, Shmulik, Mark, Ofek, Malki, Mahran, Malik and Nahshi.
Wrote: Nahshi