Encounter 241 – 21.10.2022

At night it rained lightly throughout the area. Shmulik promises that in two weeks everything around will be painted green.
The crowds of visitors did not come this time (they preferred to continue to Indinegev).
With those who did come, we talked about freedom of speech in Gaza and Israel.
On the 40th anniversary celebrations for Nativ Ha’asara after the evacuation from Sinay.
On the difficulty of getting answers from the people of the Directorate of Coordination and Liaison with Gaza.
About the upcoming elections in Israel, the split and the minority vote.
About Osa’s film and whether it will be screened at Sderot Cinematheque.
On helping the Palestinians to harvest olives in the West Bank, the violence of the settlers and the position of the army that both enables the violence and suffers from it.
On the phone with Rami we talked about joint projects, for example Nisrin’s cosmetics and perfume store in Gaza, which has already received goods from Hebron with our help, started selling and looking for ways to increase the selection.
And also about the Machiavellianism of Hamas – two years ago they accused Bashar Assad of genocide and now they are going to cut alliances with him. And in the same way they attack Israel but send tens of thousands of Gazans to build it.

This time we were: Roni, Mark, Shmulik, Hanan, Rami on the phone and Nahshi.
Written by: Nahshi