Encounter 244 – 11.11.2022

Friday 11.11. On the way to the lighthouse, Shmulik reminds us that today, in 1918, at 11 o’clock in the morning, the armistice that ended the First World War was announced. Some of the battles that decided the campaign took place in our area. Millions of soldiers and civilians lost their lives. Another, more deadly war was needed to convince the nations that there was room for peace. The enemies at that time, like France and Germany, are friends and close partners today.
This morning, the road to the lighthouse is a little longer: passing through the Erez checkpoint, a friend from Gaza returns home to his family, after a week of toil across the fence. He knows that returning to work in Israel will involve getting up early in the morning and waiting tiringly at the same checkpoint, but good for him, and good for thousands of other workers, and good for us, the citizens of Israel.
Roni made sure to arrive on time, before Shmulik made the coffee. But the coffee is ready when Lily and Guy from Beer Ganim join.
The circle opens with concern about the threats of the “breakdown clause” and the expressions of hatred of the last week.
The continuation of the conversation stands precisely as a sign of hope: the struggle of women and young people in Iran, cooperation with Gaza, the renewal of the activities of movements in Israel for a sense of peace, cooperation, equality.
Mary and Ilan from Beit Elazari and Maharan from Rahat enrich the conversation with interesting insights and sweets.
If Oded was present – you would get a full reconstruction of the events, but this week he was at a seminar in Jerusalem al-Quds and he is waiting to be picked up at the Be’eri junction.
Thanks to Nahshi who made sure to remember the participants in the circle, it can be noted that Roni, Mary, Ilan, Lily, Guy, Maharan, Shmulik, Nahshi and Moshe enjoyed the winter sun and the beginning of the flowering near the sulfur factory, near the British bunker that was abandoned today, 104 years and five hours ago.
Written by: Moshe.