Encounter 262 – 17.3.2023

The tourist season is over, silence has returned to the area, there are no travelers and the “lighthouse” is gathering itself.
Haim, who came for the first time two weeks ago, also came today.
Along with him, Shmulik, Roni, Mark and I also sat.
The first thing that stood out was the disappearance of about half of the chairs that were there a week ago (two weeks ago we brought another 15 chairs).
I made a wide foot walk around the sulfur factory in search of scattered chairs. There were no. They were just taken away. I vented my anger by picking up trash left by nature’s users. I don’t have a solution for this matter. Maybe it’s better for those who come to the lighthouse on purpose to bring one or two or three folding chairs, as many as possible.
As mentioned, there were five of us and the conversation naturally revolved around what was happening in Israel. What did he say and what did she answer, what does X mean and how does Y understand it, what does B mean when he says C.
We ended up in a heated debate on the issue of waving the Palestinian flag in demonstrations yes or no. Spoiler, 80% against versus 20% for. Even the 20% who are in favor do not really intend to wave a flag because they are afraid they will be beaten.
There were five of us.
Next week it will be summer time and we are planning to move to our summer residance.
And we have to talk about Gaza, don’t we?
Well Roni updated on some matters that “crossed her desk”. It is possible that soon we will be able to make contact again with tour friends over the fence…
This time we were: Roni, Mark, Haim, Shmulik, Oded.
Written by: Oded.