Encounter 275 – 2.6.2023

I’ll start from the end: when Maharan got into his car at the end of the meeting, he announced that the thermometer in his car read 48 degrees Celsius.
I will continue with an apology: we apologize to all the followers of the “Lighthouse” who came between three thirty and the end time (four) and did not find us – we were “defeated” by the bees that hovered, buzzed and stung.
True, it was very hot, but the combination with the bees that clung to every source of moisture that was around, coffee, water, sweat and even challah, was already too much.
The bees came from hives placed by some beekeeper near the “Lighthouse” summer residence. He probably wanted to capture the eucalyptus blossoms, but the bees, being very thirsty, were really not interested in the flowers and hummingly begged for a little water.
Rami, who arrived today, photographed the beehives and sent the message to the relevant authorities who will take care of their removal. Let’s hope that by next Friday we can get back to normal.
When we arrived Shmulik, Nahshi, Moshe and I were convinced that in this heat no one goes out for a walk… we were fooled.
As mentioned Rami arrived but stayed for a short time because he decided not to challenge his immune system against bee stings.
At a certain point the bees lured us away from the factory building and we settled near the eucalyptus tree above the ramp. The bees followed us there as well.
Three cars were parked under the tree, with about seven or eight travelers in them (not all of them were out of the car’s air conditioner), adults from the Beit She’an Valley and Afula.
Although our heat is winter compared to the heat in the Beit She’an Valley, the unique combination with the bees made them continue on their way after listening “on one leg” to the history of our lighthouse.
There was also Ido, who comes to us sometimes, there was also a couple of travelers from the southern Jordan Valley whom Rami met on the way and invited.
Towards three o’clock, Maharan also arrived. He usually has answers for everything and he tried to advise on the bees as well, even concocting sugar water for them, but he too finally supported secession…
Our loyal readers notice that Gaza news did not really occupy us this Friday. Indeed, it was hot, very hot, but the main concern was finding a place where the bees would not reach. in vain.
We finally abandoned around three thirty.
We where: Shmulik, Nahshi, Moshe, Ido, Rami, Maharan, Oded, another 7-8 travelers from the Beit Shan Valley area and another couple from Moshav in the southern Jordan Valley. Even with the couple who stayed for a while, we did not conduct a circle of introductions. There were also lots of bees and lots of Celsius.
Written by: Oded