Encounter 282 – 21.7.2023

The lighthouse sits on the hill, a soft breeze in the hot afternoon, and in the background the boiling news: crowds are coming to Jerusalem, trying to stop the coup d’état.
The intimate circle, on the hill, with the open view of the Gaza area, invites a different discourse about the place and the period, and an attempt to look beyond this day and the times of rage, as befits lighthouses facing a stormy sea.
Well, in summary: it is possible that the meetings in the future (in a decade, maybe even sooner) will pose new, different challenging questions: the wars of today, the conflicts between nations and religions, will be a thing of the past and other hardships will cause cooperation (or, God forbid, more wars) between the people who share our space, and in general, all regions of the world.
Global warming is not a trend: it is an actual, irreversible reality on Earth.
Have we sailed far? Perhaps, but already today, the basic human need for water, simply water, even before the water of food, healing, clothing, shelter, outweighs the hold on the beliefs that marked the struggles throughout the centuries.
Did we agree on the diagnosis? Five friends in a circle, and a beehive of different opinions washes over the place, like the spirit of the beehive that recently lived here.
Hayuta pulls out a book of poems and Amir Gilboa adds his words to the conversation.
And suddenly it’s already four o’clock.
This time we were: Rami, the Tzur brothers (Hayota and Shmolik), Oded, Moshe.
Written by: Moshe