November 1, 2019
Not nice – my film was interrupted… They said there was an alert in the whole region and “we’re not taking any risks”. It might reach us too. So I went home. TV has “breaking news”. Too bad, it seemed like a good film (Almodobar). A few hours ago I was at another “film”, at “The Lighthouse” with friends. A family from Ra’anana came on bicycles (Ruti, Amikam, Metzada and Yoad). They enjoyed the unusual hospitality of the circle people (who came early and enjoyed coffee that had “almost” boiled…) and were impressed by our explanations and the pictures on the “factory” wall. We began an introductory circle, and when Ruti’s turn came to speak Amikam spoke up and said that we had not spoken politics but he (immediately) understood which side we were on and they are on the other side… Ruti begged to differ and said that she didn’t exactly agree. Metzada was a bit shy (2nd grade) because she “doesn’t know about Gaza” and Yoad (apparently in high school) said that for him Gaza meant what one hears in the media. They had to return their bikes until 2 p.m. and hurried to leave. We remained – Shmulik, Oded, Nahshi, Oa and Hanan. The latter three began to plan a media setup that would accompany “The Lighthouse” project. Shmulik kept silent (finally a subject – internet – he is willing to admit he knows nothing about) and I tried to convince the water to boil (Rami had taken his good gas burner with him on a trip to the desert) for lukewarm coffee is undrinkable. Jaber arrived and Yig’al immediately after him. A communication infrastructure was set up for our project (on paper) and the water boiled. The majority decided to speak with the circle’s friend in Gaza. Vivian arrived (on foot from Be’eri!). Jaber translated his friend’s words from Gaza. Booms were heard in the background. Well-tuned hearers also mentioned volleys. Between booms and volleys we spoke with Gaza. They heard it too. As for me, this was perhaps the most interesting conversation we have held to date. About parents and family, lots of self-humor, exposing the person himself, where he comes from, where his parents come from, what are his fears, his hopes… We “dared” to express some interest in the more intimately personal stuff (intimate meaning relative to a question like “tell us a bit about the group’s activity…”) and we also laughed together. Jaber was sharp enough to translate even comments that sounded a bit cynical… Time went by and it was already 4:30 p.m. No more daylight saving time and an early sunset. It’s hard to stop as more and more subjects for talking and asking questions arise. But… Bye now, the “film” is over, it’s back to reality in “Gaza space”, and definitely not nice that this evening my film was cut short…

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