Migdalor (Lighthouse) meeting no. 89
November 29, 2019
So, who and what did we have with us today at the meeting?
Present were Miri and Ilana from Nirim, Roni, Jaber, Malki and Uzi, Oded, Nur who brought her parents, Rotem and Yermi, Talila, Uri and Tomer – their lovely son, and Yigal from Be’eri.
What else was there:
Roni and Oded told us about yesterday’s encounter in Ramallah, which was attended by many people.
Roni excitedly told us about her meeting Fatma. Fatma and Roni maintain phone contact. Fatma is like Roni in Gaza. They have never actually met. The hug we witnessed and Roni’s excitement made Jaber’s skin tingle. Furthermore, Rami, our contact person in Gaza, told us this was a meeting not of two women but of two peoples! Roni wiped her tears.
Brave Nur intends to publish a journal shared by Gazan and Israeli youth which would have a common theme.
Miri spoke about her frustrating work in Bedouin schools.
Yermi told us about a wondrous relationship with the children of two Bedouin villages.
And there was coffee, and pleasantness and it was all as important as always.
Hayuta was impressed.