Lighthouse 102 – February 28, 2020

For me Gaza means complexity, people, out of bounds, a flourishing garden, childhood memories, friends, something we’re responsible for.
And we are for Gaza: Roni, Rami, Mary, Radir, Jaber, his wife Hitham and their son Walid, Nahshi, Yigal, Malki with her sister, aunt, nieces and friends.
Present were also Rami from Gaza by phone, and a bus with 47 members of the Ma’a lot Tiv’on Reform Judaism.
The travelers who happened by and gave us new insights this time were a couple from Shoham (he is the CEO of the Umm Al Fahm municipality) and a couple from Yahoud. Others who came by and got curious simply had no more room…
The group from Tiv’on sang a peace song written by Mickey Dinstein for Kibbutz Nirim in 1958, touching even Rami and his pals in Gaza across the line.
We said we mustn’t accept the separation and hostility that have been imposed on us and on Gaza, and that everyone benefits form cooperation and acquaintance. That the next generation growing up in Gaza will bring peace, and that we hope for a miracle in the elections, and that there is always a partner for talking.
The circle went on way over 4 p.m. and beyond the Gaza region.