Lighthouse 103 – March 6, 2020

Yes, today too our determined/ crazy/ visionary/ delusional circle (erase whichever you choose or add whatever you like) took place. So who was there? Bearded Shmulik, bespectacled Oded, Roni who brought her marvelous pastries, and Hayuta, writing this report.
Coffee boiled, herb tea was made ready, and in between the rain clouds dad Shmuli with his skullcap appeared with two of his children: no. 9 – Ra’ya, and no. 10 – Yehuda. They are our guests for the second time now. The family lives in the settler colony of Rosh Tzurim in the Etzyon bloc.
The children played, bickered and wondered about our presence. Ra’ya said – “we offered them things and they only fire rockets at us”. Yehuda was inquisitive about the place and its past. Ra’ya wanted to know “what do you think of the evacuation of the settler colonies in the Gaza Strip?”
Suddenly sheep appeared and a beautiful shepherdess. She lives in Dimona. Enjoyed refreshments and drank tea.
At the end she received all the leftovers from Shmulike and Oded.
In short, the father and his children entertained us…