Lighthouse 109- April 17, 2020

Another Lighthouse circle by Zoom – for the 5th time
We speak of arrests in Gaza, mention the pandemic, talk about the day after. The day after the detainees are released, the day after the pandemic, the day present rulers slip into the past, the day a new dawn will rise, the sun will shine, the day that will bring the fulfillment of hope, when… when something good will finally take place.
In the meantime, before that day comes, we should keep our heads low, beware of noisy media, express ourselves with caution, responsibility, secrecy, hinting, a slight nod of the head, shift of the eyes, silence… We pose a danger group for the detainees for we are too Israeli, we pose a group at risk for the pandemic because we are too old, we pose a threat to rulers because we are… wait a minute – some of the “we” are in fact they. Brave people who suffer. So in order to them to suffer less we must keep quiet, not interfere, not come close, not call up, not talk, just listen. Quietly, without publicity, without declarations, without shouting, without saying anything precarious, provocative, disconcerting, inciting.
That’s what John says, and Dubi and Roni and Arik and Ghadir, and we all understand. We are well-versed in understanding such feelings. We have been through several rounds of understanding. And still we devote words and listen to what lies in between the lines when they repeat and emphasize the obvious.
After we said it all, and understood and kept silent and listened, the question arises – what next?
In those days before the pandemic, when we still sat facing each other on school chairs and coffee cups changed hands without fear of viruses, and were filled time and again, the circle was open to the four tribes that our leader had counted, and anyone was invited to join. Perhaps we shall open it again.
Now that each and every one of us sits in their precise chair at home and sips the precise coffee of their choice, perhaps this is the time to invite them to join the Zoom circle… Apparently there is an agreement on this direction.
Hanan adds that perhaps the spirit of the circle should be resuscitated.
Rami suggests we post short videos, personal, to deepen our acquaintance. Inspiration for this idea comes from the video of Julia’s lovely garden, implanted in her art works.
Before finishing, Rami brings up an anecdote: did we know that the origin of the familiar “gauze” bandage/ fabric is the name “Gaza”? No, we didn’t. Now we know. Interesting. Anyone interested in delving into the subject, please turn to Google…
Next week we shall bring others, see videos, and Nomika will facilitate.
Take care.
Participating: Roni, Rami, John, Dubi, Liora, Oded, Jaber, Hanan, Shmulik, Julida, Nomika, Ghadir, Arik, Noga, Mary, Nahshi, Marwan, Micha (and Pnina?), Uzi, Malk, Mir, Uri, Noa and Shirin.