Lighthouse 110 Zoom – April 24, 2020

To write up today’s circle, I waited for Nahshi to send the recording. I thought I would hop from one speaker to another and listen only to their opening remarks in order to get into the feel of things… I found myself listening and being moved from the stories and their tellers time and again, and listening to the whole thing without ‘hopping’…
At the end of last week’s circle, we took upon ourselves to tell something personal about Gaza. We decided Nomika would facilitate and we would try to bring in new participants. During the circle, facilitated very well by Nomika, I felt that most of us preferred to relay their negative experiences of Gaza – a place that arouses memories lying between “unpleasant” and actually traumatic. Still, there were even some good experiences being told, and even – in Roni’s case – hope.
From Uri and Rafi we heard horrible things about their military service, Julia told us about her conversation with a journalist in wartime, Nomi about the difficulty to ‘become accustomed’ to violent rounds, Nomika about Israelis condescending towards Gazans, Rami about his childhood memories of the 1967 war and the horrors of war in Gaza and in his kibbutz, and Jaber about a “visit” at the Khan Yunes detention facility.
Shmulik brought a poem he wrote following one of the cruel war-actions against Gaza. In general, poems played an important part in today’s circle. Rami too, like Shmulik, read a poem he had written, Nomi wished to have us hear a Mercedes Sosa song called “Solo lo pido dios” (I only ask this of God), Nomika brought a poem by Mahmoud Darwish titled “On this Earth”, and Ravit gave us Dalia Rabikovitch’s poem “Pride” (‘Even rocks break’).
Hanan and Moshe preferred to take part in the circle by sending videos, not be present physically. Noga shared with us a video she is working on with and about the youngsters dancing in Sderot and building up ties of brotherhood and cooperation with the youngsters across the line, Uri shared with us a video (one of many, I take it) he has been making with his partner, which for me was a pleasing artistic pause.
So our circle this time was varied in its expressive ways, interesting and moving.
Finally we danced, led by Liora. I remind everyone that we are still only half a team, and are waiting to collaborate with our other half, across the line.
Participants: Roni, Nomika, Julia, Ye’ela, Hagar, Ravit, Nahshi, Limor, Rami, Uri, Rafi, Oded, Mir, Maya, Malki, Shmulik and his granddaughter Mori, Nomi, Yirmi, Bella, Liora, Noga, Micha, Pnina, Hanan and Moshe (in spirit).