Encounter 136, October 23, 2020

After some weeks when we held our Migdalor meetings only on Zoom, we got together again near the deserted sulfur plant. Shmulik and I picked up Hayuta, came to the site and found Rami there, who had already made himself comfortable on his chair, in the pleasant breeze.
Roni came, as well as Jaber, and Hana with his cap. The circle was completed by Malki, Bella and Uzi. 10 in all.
Everyone knows everyone else, but still we “go around the circle” with introductions… Each in their turn share their feelings these days.
The pandemic and the political chaos affect all of us, not necessarily in a bad way… Some see them as opportunities for a new reality, others find it difficult to adjust, and some simply go with the flow… Life leads and feelings are put aside.
We opened a broad discussion of Gaza, that began by Roni reporting on the state of our friends there. The discussion slipped into political-historical dimensions in the context of the Gazan space, trying to decipher the “true” intentions of the Israeli side. Everything in the context of humans and land, of course. Indeed, in our inner circle we try to focus on humans living in this space and less on political rulings and regime actions. Needless to say, these things are interconnected and one canot help but relate to the political system as affecting people and land, and still we navigate “Gaza awareness” in our meetings, especially with relations that come into being, “eye to eye and heart to heart”.
This time, without the direct contact, we slid into politics pure and simple… Naturally our discussion was justified, in light of our usual interest (at least I find it so), and lasted much longer than the official plan.
In our departure mingling, Hanan came up to me and said that relating to the opinions I aired, I actually spoke about “Zionism”. I was surprised, since I had not mentioned it at all. But on second thought, he was right… I realized that if we place “Zionism” on a spectrum of our being in this space, we would find various doses of it in every single one of us. Consciously or unconsciously. From its total negation to its undisputed justification. Even without using the actual term itself…
That’s it for todeay. I introduced the participants in the beginning.
Wrote: Oded