Encounter 137 – October 30, 2020

We met, no questions asked about who is still expected and how many we’d be.
We began – Roni, Shmulik, Nahshi and myself.
Nahshi made coffee. Obviously…
Roni tells us in detail about our Gazan friend who just got out of jail.
Hanan arrives, Roni repeats… How he was released, what he look like now, what he said. She goes on to tell about the musician who needs to complete his studies but has no money, and how she transferred some. Also about the woman who got out of the Gaza Strip and met her father. Human stories about the hardships met by a person whose fate has hurled him into a cruel reality.
Jaber arrives, Roni repeats a third time. Well, in outline…
We proceed with a “free” discussion.
Hanan leaves, Mari arrives. Weather permits her to do so at long last. Roni has a fourth go. We Mari – we hadn’t met for a long time (Zoom is just make believe) so she has to provide answers. Questions about Corona in her community, and family ties, so common an item in Israeli get-togethers.
Mari is a member of her community’s emergency team. As a Ministry of Health retiree, she has access to information. The pandemic plays with us, she says – it attacks again some of those who have recovered, has various expressions, no one has a clear answer. Scientists are at a loss.
Then she says that as she drove to our site she wondered – how do we mediate our activity to our children? Are they at all interested?
Some question… The “circle” re-organizes for a discussion of this interesting question. It breaks up in different directions, and we must focus among the speakers.
First travelers of the season have already been spotted around here, none joined us. Perhaps they will, after the first rains.
We’re already close to finishing time and it gets dark early now that we’re on winter schedule. Mari’s question will keep us busy next week too, I guess, when we shall also light our lighthouse to enable hopeful navigation…
Wrote: Oded