Encounter 138 November 6, 2020

Two and a half years of Migdalor activity. A kind of routine… Routine normally does away with the excitement of “big beginnings”.
The usual disadvantages of routine are exacerbated by the Corona pandemic that cut down the main branch on which we sat, namely our chance encounter with Israelis who come out to hike in nature and find themselves in a discussion circle about Gaza consciousness… People stopped traveling – Corona!
Another central branch on which we leaned were our talks with friends and neighbors whose misfortune had locked them in an insulated area, surrounded by fences and armies. And here’s our good Friday… today!
We opened our circle with Itay and Shiran, a young couple traveling at their leisure, who welcomed our invitation for coffee, listened and was heard, too. They sat and listened to the “circle”, and when their turn came they said that in fact they had never really considered what was going on beyond the fence, and that the information they had was what Israeli media deliver… Hopefully their encounter with us will generate some change in their awareness.
But the climax of our ‘lighthouse’ this time was undoubtedly our meeting with an ‘old’ friend who for the past months had been prevented from contacting us. The thrilling words that follow are Roni’s: “we had a very thrilling encounter, the possibility to see and talk with a dear friend from Gaza after months of separation during which we had no contact. He told us what he underwent all that time. The strength he gained from the mere fact that we are here for him.
His smile and thrill were inspiring and gave us hope for the future.
We did not let communication difficulties deny us this important contact which reinforced in all of us the belief that we are all a part of a single space, sharing a single texture, hearing and seeing one another, loving one and another and believing in one another. We passed on information, updates and good tidings.
We shall do everything in our power to make this contact grow and expand, and light will remove darkness. We hope that with time clear words with names and faces will be spoken, so that more and more people will know that we and they have partners, working tirelessly.” So far, Roni.
And I add that from the moment contact was renewed, he asked that we be his very first contact! Of all the many friends who waited to hear from him! We realized he is aware of our concern and that we hold the lighthouse shining for him as well.
16 participants joined our circle physically, another 6 shared it in Zoom for part of the encounter.
Between different thrills, we were happy to hear from Julia about the end of the important research she conducted about inhabitants of the area in the shadow of the conflict, and raised a toast for some significant birthdays and new retirees. We drank to the health of our renewed contact with the neighbors (there was also talk about Biden – teaser to Jeff Parnas…).
To everyone’s health!
Present: Maharan, Rami, Nahshi, Limor, Mari, Shmulik, Roni, Arik, Bella, Oded, Uzi, Malki, Mark, Julia, Itay, Shiran. Zoom: Rami, Hanan, Uri Ben Asa, Rosie, Jaber, and for a moment – Liora.
Wrote: Oded