Encounter 139 November 13, 2020

All because of a little coffee pot.
When it seemed that we were a motley few, we spread our gear and found out that our coffee pot was forgotten at home… What’s to be done?
Nahshi, whom Shmulik had caused grave guilt feelings, was assertively sent to the storeroom at Kibbutz Be’eri. When he took his time and our throats were crying out in desperation, he finally showed up with an Arabic coffee pot, but our disappointment grew as it turned out to be full of holes.
While we were still wondering what to do, two youngsters arrived on a handsome buggy. They saved us from social death. Non-chalantly they treated us to coffee in their state-of-the art pot. Thus we began our hospitality circle with Ron and David, both from Netivot. Ron is headed for office training in the Giv’ati infantry corps, both are cadets of the military academy at Reali High School in Haifa. They spoke of themselves as listeners, hearing a different kind of music they usually hear at home. They did admit that they have been hearing the other voice at school.
Another guest followed – Brian from the US, with multiple interests in work, who at this point in life is busy teaching debate at a Hura high school and in the Bedouin communities. Brian picked up our talk easily and certainly blended in, claiming that the conflict is derived mostly from hatred.
With time, Rami arrived, who began sorting out his books but felt in strong need of caffein so came to have coffee with us.
It is important to mention that Shmulik was our country guide specializing in the Be’eri area. Last of our guests was Uri Utin who came to say that he does not agree with peace through mere dialogue.
Present, having coffee, eating and debating were Shmulik, Nahshi, Roni, Hanan, Brian, Mark, Ron, David, Mari, Uri.
Wrote: Hayuta