Encounter 212 – 1.4.2022

On the way, Nahshi and I argued, is it already warm and justified enough to move to our summer place, or still continue to congregate inside the building. It was decided for the summer. Pleasant in the shade under the pine trees, the wind is also light and caressing. The “warehouse” of chairs, the one that stores chairs for the summer, has undergone a change. The jamb collapsed! Blocks of stone blocked the entrance. The chairs were not damaged, even for the rusty ones in between.
Ofek, as usual, is already waiting. We introduced him to the summer residence. He came with the guitar. Later he will compose and play to the lyrics of Shmulik, a song about Shmulik’s communist aunt who was cut off from the family in the 1930s. Shmulik was not today (on a trip) to be impressed by the melody and performance, but his sister Hayuta was to get excited in his name as well. The audience also included Nahshi, Moshe and me.
Before and after the song we talked about the last days in the surface and media. There were insights from a television interview with Shaul Arieli and Gideon Levy’s articles in Haaretz.
And what about Gaza?
There was not much to say this week, but the very recurring gathering every week for more than four years is also a statement.
Then Limor arrived armed with a camera and we are already six.
A vehicle passed and its passengers stopped for a moment. They are from Kibbutz Alumim and no, they will not stay for coffee, they are hiking and Shabbat is approaching. But one of them said “You’re the lighthouse right?” We said right and they continued on their way.
At quarter past three Maharan arrived. We immediately pounced on him with (coffee and …) questions about last week in his vicinity. “Look,” he said, “the Arabs were afraid of the Jews and the Jews were afraid of the Arabs, so the malls was deserted.” A kind of economic insight from a seemingly religious community confrontation. Maharan then said that he tried to go on the air on Channel 14 (a “Heritage” channel lol) to tell them “the truth”, but they Ignored him. If so, said Limor, we’ll do a panel simulation now! Maharan was given 2 minutes to tell the “panel” the truth as it is in his opinion. Opinion of a human being, a lawyer, a Bedouin, a Muslim, a native and a resident of the city of Rahat. After the speech was over, Mahran faced “nasty” remarks from the panel that rained down on him. He convinced us, not the panel that remained right.
That is for this week. of course, we send a blessing of recovery to Rami.
We were – Nahshi, Moshe, Hayuta, Ofek, Maharan, Limor, Oded and also Roni, on the phone.
Wrote – Oded.