Encounter 213 – 8.4.2022

To the place where light is lit, one can navigate hope” Rami once said, defining the meaning of the “lighthouse for the Gaza consciousness.”
Today we came to “turn on a light” with a heavy feeling. The air around us is compressed in a communicative language, in Hebrew. A hegemonic communication that defines the other languages and divides them into dedicated “drawers”. We heard about the political chaos that met with violence between communal and nationalist, and hatred that erupted from all sides everywhere in a language we understand well. No wonder we were enveloped in melancholy.
This is what Roni wrote it in the WhatsApp she sent before she came: “Dear friends, with a heavy heart and a lot of pain, I’ll come today to our lighthouse from which only comes out, even today, the light from which hope can be navigated. In the words of the poet ❤️”.
There are almost no travelers.
In light of all of the above, we gathered today as well as every Friday. The changeable weather brought us back into the building.
Shmulik, Ofek, Roni, Mark, Malki, Oded and in the last half hour also Maharan who claims that the late arrival time is due to the constraints of Ramadan.
Shmulik made coffee.
We talked about different essences. On Judaism, on climate, on the usefulness of wanting to bring about change (can a fly change the trajectory of a nervous elephant?), On Zionism, national rights and also on Gaza, mainly through the information that Roni brings.
Also on resolving the conflict in a Confederate way (the “A Land for All” movement holds a series of Zoom meetings). Mahran also had a short time to review thousands of years of political and historical processes. There is a surprising and interesting originality in his point of view.
We continue to accompany Rami and wish him a speedy and complete recovery.
We were this time: Roni, Maharan, Malki, Ofek, Shmulik, Mark, Oded.
Photographer: Ofek.
Reporter: Oded.