Encounter 214 – 15.4.2022

Mid-Ramadan, the eve of Passover. Traveling alone to the “lighthouse”.
Muslims fast at home or in shopping malls, Jews gather in the family circle, get ready for the holiday. I drive on the narrow road to our “lighthouse”, between the soft hills, in complete silence. It’s the closest to actually seeing silence physically! I’ll probably be alone, on the eve of a holiday … I’ll sit for a while, have a coffee and offer Rami a little emergence from his illness and sit with me, so we’re both alone in the silence.
Here comes Mark. Drink coffee. Trying to clarify things we talked about last week. Things that got up a bit of an argument and Roni addressed them on WhatsApp which she sent in groups alongside Happy holiday wishes.
Ofek comes. Wearing a supermarket shirt. Because of the holiday he stayed up late working at the branch. He unfolds the subtle way in which the military tries to force him into combat service because of the profile and despite his reluctance.
Comes Maharan and the conversation “flies” to history and cross-religious myths.
A familiar Toyota slides downhill to the development of the structure. There is probably a telepathic coordination between me and Rami.
Neta, Mirale and Rami join. “Just to say hello.” An hour passed exciting. Rami tells us about his physical and spiritual condition. “As Jaber always starts his words” Rami opens and compares himself to Jaber who always starts and tells about the unrecognized villages, “but” compared to Gaza their situation is reasonable … Rami gets up in the morning with a strong sense of “special day”. With such a feeling one should be in the “lighthouse.”
A month passed by him from “Hell.” Stopped treatment for rethinking, recovered a bit, and now has a different direction. This morning, Khaled, a man his age from Gaza who had worked in Be’eri for many years, called him. Rami felt a sense of brotherhood to him. Khaled called to greet Passover. Now Rami is here, at the Lighthouse. Even ready to sip coffee, a drop. Then he asks to do a round of congratulations …
Ofek welcomes the “lighthouse” that has opened up new directions of thinking. He is sure that when faced with challenging situations (in military service?), The things he has absorbed here will help him maintain a proper balance.
Maharan joins in and mentions the “lighthouse” as a place that allows one to express oneself freely even on things that are difficult to hear.
Mark is in his own private circle of thought that is influenced by climatic predictions, definitions of “belonging” and conflict with Jewish-Israeli-Zionist nationalism. More than once, through his thinking and conclusions, they have created a conflict in the “circle”, but today he welcomes the project. Rami smiles.
Mirale (Rami’s mother) and Neta (his sister) mark the project well and of course wish Rami a complete recovery.
I tell Rami that I am missing in the circle with his breadth of knowledge and with his thinking originality. And I note that The Lighthouse has helped me focus on the historical search for the roots of the conflict. I told him that for me, the comparison of his state of health to the state of distress of the Gazans, takes place on the plane of “suffering that you can see but not feel.” Situations that require inconceivable mental strengths for those who (fortunately) have not experienced them.
Rami, Neta and Mirale left. The energies went down a bit and after another round of coffee, we also drove on a road that was now a little less quiet because I continued the conversation with myself.

We were this time: Maharan, Mark, Ofek, Rami, Neta, Mirale, Oded.