Encounter 222 – 10.6.2022

We had previously been to a meeting of “Road to Recovery” volunteers at Kibbutz Alumim. From there, Avi continued with us, so that even 3 hours of “circle” will not be enough to tell about all the activities for acquaintance, rapprochement, completion, education and reconciliation in which he is involved.
Roni told about the continuation of our friends work in Gaza and we almost managed to talk to one of the leaders. We will try again soon.
Rami called and excitedly announced that his first grandchild had been born! We got excited and congratulated.
Before leaving early for another happy event, Oded recounted an experience from one of the last shuttles as part of “Road to Recovery“, when he gathered patients from the Erez checkpoint and was surprised to see several families going out together in festive “Western” attire. He was surprised by the fact that such a natural sight is astonishing in our hallucinatory reality.
Jaber expanded on women’s clothing and cover drivers in the Strip and said that in recent years there has been some relief in enforcing the religious dress code, especially in the residential neighborhoods of major cities.
Dina, who has repeatedly said that everyone should do what they can to promote the good, said that she has returned from volunteering with Ukrainian refugees in Moldova and that she is soon going on a similar project in Poland.
We were this time: Roni, Oded, Shmulik, Avi, Dina, Malki, Jaber and Nahshi.
Wrote: Nahshi