Encounter 223 – 17.6.2022

223 meetings. Over 4 years of “lighthouse” every Friday and still in my immediate family there are those who ask me in amazement, “are you sitting this week too?”. what to say? There are gaps to cross.
Shmulik, Nahshi, Moshe and I collect Hayuta.
Ronny arrives and Ofek too.
Last week, Ofek preferred the Pride Parade over the “Lighthouse”, can you imagine?
Later Malki and Bella will arrive. Bella celebrated her 84th birthday this week! With energies of a 20-year-old.
Then Hanan also arrived, carrying strawberry jam seasoned with black pepper! Goes well with the homemade bread that Nahshi bake every week for our reunion.
Shortly after three o’clock, Maharan and his youngest son (out of four), ten-year-old Malek, arrived.
Random hikers were not interested in the sulfur plant this week, except for a family who passed by us and the man who was driving the vehicle refused on behalf of everyone to stop for coffee.
The coffee, by the way, continues to be brewed by Shmulik who resolutely dispossessed Nahshi and inherited his chair in front of the gas(a).
As usual in a situation where “everyone knows everyone”, all that is left is to try to find hot topics from the last week (longing for Rami who always finds an idea to discuss. Also this week, Rami is in the north with his first grandson. Again, congratulations to Rami, Naomi And the family).
At Roni’s initiative, we tried a new telephone connection with Gaza. For moments it came up, we smiled and waved hello but we really had a hard time having a conversation due to the technical limitations.
I recently found a new “guru”, Hillel Cohen, and I am digging for everyone the latest insights I have gleaned from his fascinating book about the Year of 1929.
Roni occasionally tries to respond to attacks (mostly from me but not only) on “Zionism” and claims that with all her understanding of the Palestinian plight, (and there is no one who has do like Roni to worry and address these plight), she still lacks a step or even a clear statement For their part, about the day the conflict will end.
Hanan read and recounts that part of the Gaza coast has been cleansed of pollutants and is worthy of bathing!
Moshe listens and occasionally illuminates in a precise spot a certain element from the general text.
Shmulik made Coffee and tea.
Hayuta in her book of poems, she looks for a song that deserves to be heard collectively. Not found this time.
Nahshi occasionally retires for a cigarette, taking pictures and being cynical.
Ofek answers questions about his impending military service.
Malki comes because here despair is more comfortable.
Bella is optimistic.
Roni took care to bring this time also a fly repellent and whoever is exposed, spreads.
Everything is run in Shanti until Maharan comes. Maharan’s lecture this time focuses on the historical connection between the al-Huzail tribe and the State of Israel and why it is emotionally difficult for them to be fighters against the plunder of their land by the state, having already given up tens of thousands of dunams since the establishment of the state.
Mahran’s speech brings us to four o’clock.
Survived to tell: Shmulik, Nahshi, Moshe, Hayuta, Hanan, Roni, Malki, Bella, Maharan, Malek, Ofek, Oded.
Wrote: Oded.