Encounter 224 – 24.6.2022

We talked to Rami. He attended a human rights conference with 160 delegates from Africa, Asia, Europe and also Palestinians. Rami wants to organize a similar and more focused conference on the Middle East and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He also wants, in preparation for the opening of the upcoming school year, to provide shoes for children, in the format of the distribution of schoolbags from last year. That means fundraising of course.
I “dug” again on the book “Year Zero 1929” by Hillel Cohen. I finished reading it and I recommend it to everyone.
Last week, I sent a link to Hillel Cohen Zoom lecture to those who asked (available here on YouTube). Lecture initiated by “Sipur-Hikaya“.
Roni spoke about Hamas’ observation post, which overlooks her home. The Hamas members hung an inscription on it, “Yamit First, then the Netiv-Ha’asara, then the whole country.” A discussion has developed about the weight we give to certain statements, who said them, how important the speaker is and to whom they are intended.
All of this of course does not stop Roni from continuing with good deeds and a blessed relationship with the needy, and there are many.
Ofek said that in the upcoming elections he will vote for the first time in his life. He hesitates and hears nothing from politicians about issues related to complex life in our space. Ofek plans to travel soon with two friends to Germany and Poland – to tour the extermination / concentration camps. They did not travel as part of school and that interests them. I asked him if he had packed a flag to wrap himself in and he said yes. I asked him to send a picture.
We were this time: Roni, Ofek, Oded, Shmulik and Nahshi.
Wrote: Oded