Encounter 225 – 1.7.2022

This week’s summary is very similar to last week’s. The differences are subtle.
Four participants this week compared to five last week. The conversation with Rami was longer and more communicative (technically).
There was no watermelon and bread on the table. The rest was similar to the same.
We talked about events that made headlines this week, a little about the history of the conflict and lamented about the “ignorance screen” behind which most of the residents of the area choose to hide. The resemblance to last week (and those before it) was of course also in the great interest that arose from the words of the presences.
Next week, true to what is currently emerging, the orchestra is on vacation, for the first time in 224 weeks:
The tenors in Sinai (duet with the bass from Gaza), the conductor in Crete, the viola in Scotland, the guitarist in Poland (or Germany), the composer is a new Grandfather. The rest of the partnership for harmony in the shade of the pines, in the “lighthouse” on the Sulfur Factory site, are invited to improvise as much as they please.
We will try to organize a concert from Sinai. As usual on Friday between one and four. We’ll try.
We were this time: Roni, Shmulik, Moshe, Oded.
Wrote: Oded