Encounter 232 – 19.8.2022

On all of these we gathered as is our custom, today at the “Lighthouse”:
On our way, we stopped to pick figs right in front of the Bourage refugee camp.

Nahashi and Shmulik shared a trip they took this week to Hizma to take a Palestinian friend who wanted to come to Jerusalem to console the bereaved with a Jewish family.
We talked to Rami. Hearing aids are needed for some children. Nahshi has already checked prices in advance – they are expensive or very expensive. Maharan will consult with his friend, an otolaryngologist who occasionally goes to Gaza to help in the hospitals. We will organize accordingly. Rami is working on raising money to buy shoes for the school children at the beginning of the school year. We will arrange a Zoom call this week and of course we will be updated next Friday at the Lighthouse.
Rami brought up another friend to the conversation, he is also not in Gaza at the moment. From his place the communication did not succeed.
In response to an article published in “Haaretz” about two weeks ago which wondered about the silence of the residents of the area regarding the rounds of violence that are excited over their heads in the morning news – Mark proposes to establish a WhatsApp group where we will formulate responses to events related to the space in which we walk and sign our names and not under any organization. We will pass the wording between us each time until we agree, and then we will decide where to publish.
We didn’t talk about Hillel Cohen’s “Year Zero 1929” nor about Miron Benvanishti’s “The White Saber Dream”. We did talked about Assaf Inbari’s “Red Book”.
We rattled the tail of the circle at Haruvi’s house in Be’eri. There were also Neta and Naomi. Talk about Bedouin (real, not like Maharan who is Italian at all) developed. Rami said that in his youth he was adventurous and wild, running away from authorities (parents and teachers) and traveling with Be’eri’s tour truck to Sinai. There he would stay with the Bedouins for a few days.
We miss Ronnie! Take care, dear woman.
This time we were: Shmulik, Moshe, Nahshi, Mark, Maharan, Oded. On the phone, Rami and the other friend, and at Haruvi’s home, Rami, Neta and Naomi were also added to the circle.
Written by: Oded