Encounter 233 – 26.8.2022

Since the meeting in Nueiba, continuous contact has been maintained with Rami (mainly by Nahshi) and in the framework of it thoughts and initiatives related to the needs of our neighbors and our abilities are raised.
This was the main point of conversation in our “Lighthouse” weekly meeting.
The noticeable absence of the passers-by leaves us scanning the intersection “below” with our eyes and straining our ears for any engine-like noise. in vain There are no guests, there are us.
In the middle of last week we had a Zoom meeting. At the end of the meeting, Mark created a WhatsApp group whose purpose is to coordinate the various initiatives. The group is mainly conducted in English so that everyone can understand each other (in English! As if I don’t have enough challenges at my age). Those who are interested can join. The initiatives put forward are:

  1. Children’s hearing aids (courtesy of the boomers in the “Rounds” and in between)
  2. Shoes for school children
  3. Support for the movement work and the joint projects that Liora leads to (currently we are talking about a trip to Jerusalem on Wednesday 9/7 to see some of the work)
  4. Helping one of the group of young people in Gaza to establish a business of perfumes and cosmetics for women.
  5. Meeting planning – regional peace conference in Sinai

And for dessert – we were informed that our friend Noa had given birth to a sweet daughter in luck – we sent greetings of love and peace.

Present: Shmulik, Mahran, Mark, Malki, Uzi, Nahshi, Bela, Oded.
Written by: Oded