Encounter 234 – 2.9.2022

It’s Friday, we gather again. Like last week’s meeting, the main conversation focuses on what we did this week, what this week did for us and what is planned for the future. We have already told you about the WhatsApp group that Mark started, where you can discuss ideas and also follow the performance. This week more friends joined that group.
Hearing aids have fallen to the wayside at the moment. There is a professional medical process here. The request for fundraising for this matter is very unfocused and difficult to implement.
The current direction is to focus on raising money for shoes for students in schools.
This Wednesday 7/9 we will go to meet Liora in Jerusalem to understand if we can help and support the music and dance projects she is doing in collaboration with colleagues from Gaza.
I hope we can arrange a meeting in Sinai. Awaiting answers from Rami regarding partners.
To ensure the success of the tasks, we need bureaucratic processes that we have not dealt with before and this is progressing slowly.
Today, in honor of the completion of the main medical procedure for his (former) illness, Mr. Harovi appeared at Lighthouse himself! Driving his “fire brigade” truck with a friend by his side who goes by the name of Noam.
Before them came Hanan, before him also Malki and Bela, and before Mark, Shmulik Nahshi and Moshe (who came after returning a friend from Gaza who works in Israel to the Erez terminal).
And before everyone else, I arrived! Rami also had a part in the “Lighthouse” today with the help of the phone.
So we were this time: Nahshi, Shmulik, Moshe, Oded, Mark, Bela, Malki, Hanan, Rami, Noam, Rami.
Written by: Oded