Encounter 235 – 9.9.2022

After we picked figs, we got organized and drank our first coffee,
Ofek has arrived!
He told about the difficulties in the army and said that to his surprise he is not the only one in the department who understands that the world is a little more complex than the clichés in the media.
Ofek rode to the horizon and again we remained few, but not for long:
Three motorcycles approach and even stop and even sit down.
So we open a circle:
Oded describes the lighthouse and also tells about the sulfur factory.
Moshe defines what is happening here as a circle more than a group.
Hayuta comes to support and encourage good people and wants to hear about the guests.
Shmulik makes coffee.
Nahashi comes regularly mainly because it is the best coffee in the area. He learns something from every guest here. In order to get out of the situation of wars, separation and violence, something needs to be done. We need to give expression to the simple people who are looking for a good life. The leadership on both sides is responsible for the situation. We are sitting here to bring together a solution for living together. Gaza can be paradise.
Omri: 31-year-old from our area. It is terrible and the situation continues. He works and lives as if there are no missiles, just lives.
Yonatan: grew up in the area and even served in the Erez Crossing. I know the situation. Both sides cause the situation to continue. Poor Gaza residents, they are in prison. We, when we feel bad, can leave – they can’t. Served in the unit that issues permits. Too bad it’s like that. On the one hand it is our government and on the other hand the organizations there, especially the small ones that are agitating. They don’t have much choice for someone to treat them.
Reuven: From the area too. live his life. When there are missiles he goes for cover. The situation doesn’t bother him that much. Lives for himself. Maybe it’s egotistical, but he really doesn’t care about the whole situation. Neither with us nor with them.
The three continued to ride and promised to return when there will be green around.
This time we were: Shmulik, Hayuta, Moshe, Oded, Nahshi, Ofek, Omri, Yonatan and Reuven.
Written by: Oded
Completed: Nahshi