Encounter 237 – 23.9.2022

This time Ofek came to our circle. He went out for the weekend plus a holiday.
Hayuta, Shmulik, Mark, Nahshi and I also arrived.
Mr. Haruvi arrived and the conversation got a twist.
Doubt in earnest, doubt in jest, Rami demanded the “ceremony”, that is, a round of speech to the consciousness of Gaza. Since we have already heard hundreds of times the “minds” of various kinds, the ones that each of us usually says in the ears of occasional guests, it became possible to expand the reference to Gaza in new ways.
It started with Ofek who told how he found an opportunity to tell a “civilian” fact about Gaza precisely in a place that is the most “closed” to listen to such facts.
Mark pointed out the barriers hindering the initiatives we have started to roll out and their current state.
I raised a question that concerns me from time to time, are those who demand the regional good aware of the need to give up their privileged status when it comes to the use of resources? Resources that are currently given to them in huge excess at the expense of those whose use is prevented?
Rami addressed my question, calling it “self-flagellation” and also explained his position on the matter. He also claimed that already at the age of 18 he announced that he was ready to share the assets of his settlement with the neighbors.
Shmulik said that he is currently focused on “Project Yusuf” and his brothers. Yusuf is already here and working and his brothers Shmulik is still trying to bring as well.
Nahshi said in connection with the “distribution of resources” that I brought up, that he indeed remembers that Rami came back and talked about his willingness to share his property with his neighbors and that Shamulik is a communist so that the distribution of wealth is inherent in his ideological teaching.
Hayuta said that in her opinion she is the least “Gazatian” of all of us and chose to address the question of “resources” through the criticism of the treatment of equation as a social value. She asked rhetorically why we brilliantly carry great universal egalitarian values (man, women, resources, etc.) but give them up in our immediate environment (kibbutz, community, nation).
Mark also asked to address the “resources” issue. Mark is active in climate and environmental issues and brought us some fascinating (and alarming!) facts about the global use of natural resources.
After that, an interesting discussion on the subject developed, although unfortunately there was too much in the personal direction (“You do beautiful things with your abilities”) and less in the public direction of the distribution of resources. The discussion was so interesting that even at a quarter to four, Shmulik worked on making another pot of coffee.
This time we were: Shmulik, Nahshi, Hayuta, Ofek, Mark, Oded, Rami.
Written by: Oded