Encounter 238 – 30.9.2022

Another Friday.
Shmulik, Moshe, Oded, Roni and Nachshi who also brought his puppies Yefet and Nina. All three left after an hour or so.
There are four of us left.
Roni told the stories of our friends in Gaza. The human spirit, it turns out, aspires not only for freedom, love and hope, it also weaves into these lofty aspirations, twisted and surprising telenovelas.
Then we talked… The framework of speech is always related to conflict through history, fear, literature, cinema, encounters, true or false information and more.
Just when we wanted to disperse, arrived… no one came and we dispersed.
This time we were: Moshe, Roni, Shmulik, Oded, Nachshi (+ Nina and Yefet)
Written by: Oded